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Hey, I'm Telina

Since you're here, hola at me as Teli. The cacao over coffee, mama to Machi, former special Ed teacher turn online biz & lifestyle mentor and your host of the Top 21 Podcast Shows The Paper Planes Podcast. I'm obsessed with helping burnt out educators, build personal brands, turn purpose into uncapped profit and create big impact that fits the ideal lifestyle.  

21 Podcasts To Expand - Telina To'o

My mission is to empower more educators to

Make a bigger difference and turn purpose into uncapped profit! 

And to free them from feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid.  

Step 1:

Choose your ideal lifestyle!

Step 2:

Create ONE offer

(To fit that ideal lifestyle!)

Step 3:

Connect with people who want your genius.

Yours truly xx

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How to Co.Lab

During your 30 minute call, we will cover:

1) Your vision for your online teaching model

2) The current stage of your business, how to monetise your program.

3) Immediate next steps.

4) If a mentoring relationship between you and The Co & Teli community is the right fit.


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