The Co.Lab

90 day group learning program helping burnt out educators create impact & turn purpose into uncapped profit (from anywhere with Wifi). 

If you're wanting to create an online teaching model that doubles or more your teaching salary.... Keep reading! 

The Co.Lab 

How much longer are you going to watch other educators make a difference in the world, creating their ideal lifestyle, while you stay feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid?

What has the uncertainty & disruption from Covid-19 caused for you? Did you experience a pay cut? Is school still shut down? Maybe you struggled to transition from physical teaching to the online space? 

It’s time, my fellow educators, to not ditch teaching but create impact & turn your purpose into uncapped profits. 

Before I go on, from a teacher to a teacher, I get you, I am you, I made the decision to change how I teach and so can you!


I went from a full time special ed. classroom teacher, part time bar manager (I know, what the heck!), with a side hustle in the online wellness space, to a radical leap in building this website and a group program dedicated to you, and hosting a chart topping podcast during quarantine, Covid-19. 

August 2015, I left the 8:30-3pm school day (which was more like 7am - 8pm, let's be honest!) to figure out a way to make a bigger impact. From scavenging for free content, building a network marketing business, and teaching English online, I've tried it all. 

I'm a sucker for personal + mindset development and I've invested more than my two degrees, up skilling and becoming a top notch role model, first for myself and then for y'al. 

What My People Say


Since working with Telina and utilising her simple step-by-step guide to create my own curriculum. I was able to build and manage my first fitness app for empowering women. Telina has been a valuable coach, leader and boss babe to help me believe anything is possible.

Jenny, Founder Fit Rigs App


Telina is wise beyond her years. I've worked with many coaches in my 20 years of running a matchmaking agency, yet it’s hard to find the intuition and insight that Telina holds. I came to her for help in navigating my romantic relationship. She shun a light on my blindspots and gave me practical feedback I was able to implement immediately. 

Taylor, Co- Founder Ambiance Matchmaking

kim headshot1.JPG

Telina has supported me in navigating through some really tough times, personally and in business. I admire her no BS approach to life and supporting others, the way she asks the right questions to ignite transformation (sometimes annoyingly so!). I have been able to implement many of her easy to follow 'connecting skills' to help expand my online biz. I often find her doing philanthropic things without wanting recognition.

Kimila, Founder The Wellnurse

Welcome to The Co. Lab


The community that supports you in creating impact and turn purpose into uncapped profit.

Are you in?

What if you could...

  • Create $5-10k months (or more) just by doing what you love & what you’re already doing.

  • Turn your passion for teaching into uncapped profit by monetising your social media.

  • Collaborate with high paying, ideal clients with ease (You’ve already got what they’re looking for).

  • No longer be a slave to your school’s schedule or teaching to a curriculum that doesn’t align or feel like the right fit.

Community Support & Network

  • 24/7 online access to your Co.Community

  • Daily check-ins and accountability

  • Personalised systems and learning resources

  • Mastermind LIVE coaching

  • Guest speakers/trainers industry experts

This is BANG ON for you if YOU...

  • Feel underpaid and undervalued as a classroom teacher.

  • Have a 'big idea' but not sure how to get started.

  • Dream of days where you can work less, impact more lives and enjoy more time, location and physical freedom.

  • Are 100% all in to showing up and doing the work!

How much am I talking your language right now?

I'd like to invite you to the Co.Lab. It's more than a course, a 90day program or online masterclass. It's a support network & your blueprint to create impact and uncapped income through community and mentorship.

  • Mentoring is flexible, holistic and long term development driven

  • Personal development & Mindset are at the core

  • Guided from personal experiences to deepen understanding not just skill-set

  • Support and engagement outside of group mentoring sessions

4 benefits of Mentorship in The Co.Lab

Learning Outcomes

But first... Clarity & Connection

Get clear on your uniqueness, connect with your personal brand, ditch those limiting beliefs holding you back, and become bang on about where to put your energy. Figure out how to turn your purpose into uncapped profit, location free! 

Find Your People & Give them what they want!

Work through easy to follow steps & market research to connect with 'your people' and crate a profitable business that serves them directly. There's conscious wealth to be circulated, let's find your people and get to work!

Create & Design a Profitable Teaching Model

Create ONE offer that talks your people's language and provides a solution to their problem. You'll learn how to create an offer or physical product that will sell and allow you to charge more. From structure to pricing and sales, we've got it covered.

Create & Circulate Conscious Wealth

Becoming the CEO of your own business isn't about running for it and hoping for the best. It's about believing that you can. Mindset plays a huge role in accomplishing more. So, let's focus on programming your brain and thoughts around your goals, your vision, and how to amp it up!

Become A Networking & Sales Ninja

If you don't believe in your service/product and talk about it with confidence, you won't be able to sell it; which means, you won't have a success business. We'll hash out a sales process/script that feels authentic, not pushy, salesy, or awkward. Deep dive into the psychology behind sales and why people buy so you can sell with ease.

Let's Fly to the Top

You'll explore everything you need to create a successful business and how to manage daily routines, organisation, scaling team, pricing, fine print, leveraging from social media and much  more! We'll explore the 'back office' and set you up with unshakable belief and profitable platform. 

I ain't got time for quick fixes! I'm all about getting clear on why you deserve to accomplish more in personal and biz goals, & creating a way to make it happen!

I'm Telina, and I created The Co.Lab for y'al.

Why? Because I've been there, felt that! Working my dream career as a special ed. teacher plus managing a bar on the weekends for extra money to travel the world.


I've always loved helping people, but I also dreamed about a lifestyle of more freedom and less rules... (Yep! born a rebel against the status quo). I loved working with kids and being apart of their growth but I after a few years in the classroom I felt under paid, undervalued and unfulfilled. I quit and ran away to Mexico and filled the void by diving into personal development, dabbled in a bunch of 'hippie' type ceremonies, became a master at creating community and hosting various events, built a network marketing business (for 4ish years), volunteered and chased many waterfalls. 

I've spent the last several years, learning, growing, expanding and collecting resources and tangible tools for creating a profitable online business. I launched this platform during quarantine Covid-19 as a means to connect, create community and teach you how to create conscious wealth, location free so when we can return to 'real life' we're uncapped and not obligated to answer to anyone but yourself!

It's my mission as a former educator, passion for connection + community and success as an online lifestyle junkie to help you do the same.