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I'm Telina To'o (pronounced toh-oh)... The cacao over coffee, mama to Machi, former special Ed teacher turn online biz & lifestyle junkie and podcast host. I'm obsessed with helping burnt out teachers, build personal brands, turn passion into uncapped profit and create curriculum to fit that ideal lifestyle. 

But I'm not an overnight success story!

("overnight successes" are the same BS as fairytales, buzzkill!!)

Born & raised Western Sydney, Australia. Most people would cringe at my postcode but I've always believed in 'not letting your roots define how you grow'.

I hated school! I was never really academic. I made up for it with my name on the leadership board, the responsibility of school captain and student representative council. 

I was the first (and only) in my immediate family to finish high school and graduate from University with a double degree in Education and Psychology & accelerated my masters in Business. 

I spent more time at University than I did in the traditional classroom as a teacher. 

Why is this valuable?

I always wanted to make an impact in people's lives. I thought teaching would fulfil my desire but it left me feeling undervalued and under paid. Since founding The Co. & Teli, I made a promise to create a community of conscious role models, which is collaborative, innovative, profitable and location free. 


But quickly realised that working with educators in the 'online world' was my jam!


More specifically, educators who are wanting to transition from classroom to location free, turn passion into profit, start an online side-hustle or go all in & easily double, triple (likely, more) that underpaying salary. 


It's FUN, collaborative, purposeful and nothing excites me more than knowing that I'm able to reach a ton of people through the ripple effect.

I lasted almost three years in the classroom until I felt completely burnt out and overwhelmed.


In 2015, I packed my life up into two suitcases and bought a one-way-ticket to Mexico. This became home for the next five'ish years where I nested, dove into a sh*t load of personal development, dabbled with network marketing and was searching for a way to make a difference and make money! As a rebel against the status quo, my entrepreneurial mind switched into thinking, what am I good at? and how can I help others, locationally free? 

Back to the classroom teacher thing. I didn't ditch the classroom because of the students, I quit for selfish reasons, the job consumed me and didn't fit my dream lifestyle but a huge take-away from that experience was learning how to simplify (aka strip it back) key concepts for all learners to understand. 


The vision for The Co. & Teli came to me while eating tacos and sipping on a coco frio, I asked myself 'what if there was a way to teach to my own curriculum, build a personal brand and earn uncapped profit'... Wouldn't that be cool!

Then I teamed up with Rod Hairston CEO of Growth U and focused on developing a healthy mind and body. That was a real turning point. 

I quit the classroom, built a website, launched a podcast, and created my own curriculum. (Just like that! it was a piece of red velvet cake) LOL, AS IF!! 

But seriously, after working with Rod Hairston, I went from emotionally & (almost) financially bankrupt to 

my life entirely changed. 

I started out by using similar resources to help clients through my network marketing business accomplish more in personal and biz goals. 

 I lead my team-teachers and exclusive members through group training programs, masterminds, and intimate 1:1 coaching sessions that help to develop connection,  personal belief and a clear vision. I'm passionate AF about helping to move through fears, blocks, challenges, and obstacles. I teach my community how to show up as role models first for themselves and then for others. 

We work together to find clarity on what the 'dream lifestyle' really looks like, figure out a way to make a difference and make money around it. 


I help you build a personal curriculum, find your people and come up with effective branding and profitable online material. Through things like 1:1 coaching, The Co. Lab either self guided programs or a 90day group program, The Co. & Teli private support group and The Paper Planes Podcast, I focus on co-creating a real sense community that’s always been so important to me. 


In the future (as early as mañana) I see my fellow educators building profitable online personal brands and teaching to their own curriculum, completely location free, because #YOLO. 

My mission is to help a million educators create online businesses that positively make a difference, and free them from feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid.  

Hold up!

What's an 'about' page without telling you what makes me human?

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