But before I tell you, let’s create a little context:

Have you ever swiped #bumble matched, sent a {weak} first text and never got a reply?

Have you slipped into someone’s DM, either for personal or business intentions and didn’t get a reply?

Have you ever received one of those automated/ C&P text when it’s supposed to sound personalised but you know its tots not.

If you nodded YES, then here’s 3️⃣ ways to change what’s not working for you and implement what’s proven to work;

1️⃣ Acknowledge & edify the person you want to engage with

2️⃣ Share why you want to pursue a connection/ exchange of value

3️⃣ Be transparent about what you want. People’s BS radars are on point, don’t waste your time/ energy by wasting theirs.

Transparency is something I am practicing more w/ myself and you. Here you can see legit examples of how I’ve been connecting w/ guests I want on my podcast. Most “famous” and well known people in various industries aren’t people I know on a personal basis. All I do is apply the 3️⃣ TIPS from my “guide to better connections” mentioned above and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Just for contrast, here's how not to seek and keep genuine connections (the typical copy and paste to thousands of people) I mean, seriously where's the value in that?

If you'd like to learn more about connecting authentically to accomplish more in personal and business goals, join my FREE online learning hub over on FB.

Until we connect, be safe & try to be healthy.

Big Love. Telina xx

for comparison, I also include an example of “what not to do”, something I recieved and cringed so hard. If you’re sending this types of texts please stop! You’re doing yourself such a disservice 💓

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