But first... Let me take a Selfie!

You'd be lying if you said "i never selfie" gurrrl, please! This is just one of those crazy ideas that you could be leveraging from if you wanted to. Personally, I can't selfie for sh*t haha, but there's people like my sister who are on point, like all the time! It's a skill, it takes time and practice but i'm 1000% convinced that the right people are willing to invest into learning these skills. Either that or just pay you to coach/style them on a photoshoot (winks, I totally did and my god was that a great investment for myself and my business)


Right, so I can't teach you to selfie, soz! but I will teach you how to package your passion and skills in a way that

1. Attracts high paying clients

2. Gets you paid for simply doing what you love and helping others.


So tell me, if it's not selfies ya good at, what else would you be doing as a side-hustle if only you knew how to get started?

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