Don't let your zipcode define ANYTHING!!!

Just incase you needed a kick up the butt today!

I hear it time and time again, blah this and blah blah that!!

It doesn’t matter where you come from! And no! You won’t convince me otherwise. For a lot of us, we can’t ever undo the past! But we can work towards changing what happens next!

Over on my podcast I get to have the most yummiest conversations with everyday people, some times famous people too and we chat about humble beginnings. Failure {a lot of fails}. Near death experiences and turning it all around in pursuit of an ideal lifestyle.

I find it funny how people cringe at my postcode [2770 represent!], and yet if it wasn’t for life in the “Bronx” I wouldn’t have the thick skin to put up with half the sh*^ people throw at me! I would be this resilient. I wouldn’t have the grit to hustle forward. Chances are I wouldn’t desire wanting to help people create more for themselves if I was only surrounded by people who already have everything.

Perspective is bliss. Quit the excuses! It’s rubbish. I can totally understand, however if you feel stuck and not sure what to do!

Solution: start by investing in a mentor!

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