Don’t quit just pivot!!

For real, as someone who thrives on adventure, adrenaline and somehow born w/ a wild ability to “sell ice to an Eskimo” (my mum would say) I mean.... it’s no surprise, at least to me that I tried my best to say eff the system & do things on my own terms.

My gap year {4yrs actually} was consumed by a lot of travel, working crappy jobs to travel, and then volunteering as a teacher in Africa really ignited something within me. I thought “yeah man, I can be a teacher, what a dream job”

Back to Aus I went, enrolled into uni and graduated with a double degree. Did the classroom thing for a couple of years but the inner entrepreneur kept beating me up inside “girrrl, don’t limit yourself to the classroom”

So I quit! I know what a hypocrite I am. Let me go on... I had to find a way where I could wear my teacher hat, travel, make a difference and create an uncapped income. Cos’ let’s be real, that teaching salary sucks-hard!!

I was lost AF for a few years seriously. I had ambitious ideas but lacked the tools to build up. I had zero patience and not a lot of people who i could look up to as role models. I even dived into plant medicine in hope for some definitive answers.

I’m still not sure if I become WOKE from various ceremonies or if I just finally cut the BS and made a damn decision to step into what I’m here to do!!

Tadaahhh! @thecoandteli was born. And I can’t stop smiling about the unexpected people, opportunities and wiggle room for expansion this platform is creating.

Moral of story: teachers, I’m talking to you! don’t quit like me, unless you’re:

🧡 For real about HOW to help people and make a bigger difference beyond the classroom.

🧡Got the skills to launch from zero to hero on ya own.

🧡And clear about WHY you wanna evolve from the classroom.

Reality is, we need teachers and good ones! I’m now responsible to help you become a better role model for your kiddos, your family, friends and most importantly for yourself.

We all have a story. A journey. And plenty of ideas for a profitable side hustle, allow me to help you make that happen. If not now? When?

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