EPISODE 22. W/ROD HAIRSTON Mindset development coach & CEO of Growth - U.

Hey friends, I'm trying something here and that's to start dropping the podcast notes and take-aways here in a blog post. Let me know what you think if this is something I should continue doing, one thing is for shizzel, this entire platform is continuously upgraded and improved based on your feedback.

This week, I’m joined with one of my very first mentors, someone who breathed belief into me and held my hand every step of the way as I began exploring mindset development. It’s a real honour (kinda daunting yet exciting) to have Rod Hairston with us today. He has coached Forbes 400 executive, professional athletes and also leading organisations like Disney, ABC and Honeywell. When Rod isn’t busy being CEO of his own company, he enjoys making music and spending quality time with family and friends. 

We explore why he is so passionate about mindset development and how hitting a sudden rock bottom completely transformed his vision in lifestyle and business. We dive into his key '5 Abilities' rather than personal 'values' and what connections and community means. 

Full conversation available on ITunes & Spotify and our website.

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