How to make them & keep them!

Are you someone {like me} who naturally refers people, products, systems and services just because you’ve had a great experience?


Are you like most people who doesn’t want to share, connect, network and self promote because that’s weird or you’re no good at “selling”?

Yep! I’ve herd it all, and for years I never understood WHY people see “selling” as a bad thing. Little do most people acknowledge, that without so called “sale skills” we are selling ourselves short from opportunities that are readily available. Rather than trying to convince you, let’s not bother wasting anymore time, money and energy. Instead, I want to say a huge THANKYOU for helping me identify a huge gap in the world of creating #connection & #community

As a former educator turn business + lifestyle Copreneur I have tried and {failed} many of the 1 fit for all type systems. Reality is, creating an authentic pitch + sales close or even the next date needs to be formulated in a way that’s flexible and genuine.

I took a step back & considered “what’s not working” for most people to come up with an easy step by step guide to sealing ANY deal! Why? Because I want you to become more comfortable with “selling” {aka: connecting} so you can accomplish more in personal and business goals.

How l start “selling” {aka connecting} for you in 4 steps:

1️⃣ I take the guesswork out of starting your first conversation/post/email/text with an easy to follow guide

2️⃣ Once your potential client/date/customer has agreed to take a look or give you a shot, we guide them to your product/service/YOU. Don’t worry, I’ll coach you through the heavy lifting until you’re willing to earn as you learn.

3️⃣ After we’ve established a segway into creating that genuine connection, follow up! A call/email/date/virtual meeting & seal the deal 🤝

4️⃣ Repeat ...

The time for you to create better connections, with intention and a genuine desire is NOW. I invite you to join my FREE online learning hub over on FB, where I teach you the 'tools of the trade' so you can get busy creating genuine connections and keeping them. Either that, or pay me to do it for you.

Untill we connect, be safe & try to be healthy.

Big love. Telina xx

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