Hello friends,

It's such an honour to share this space with you. I realised theres a lot of new faces so to help squash the guessing into who is Telina and why The CO. & Teli, here's some fun facts worth noting down.

My name means “a chief’s daughter”

I love sunsets.

I can’t read maps very well.

I was a debating champ at school.

My sun sign is Pisces + my moonshine is Leo.

I rescued @machovallarta from Mexico + we’ve been homies for almost 4 years.

I’m one of four siblings and we’re all very artsy & creatives.

I’m an Aunty to bubba Lucia Emilia.

I love mangoes.

Hate olives.

I recently launched a podcast @thecoandteli and among the top 21 in self help.

I dreamed of visiting 100 countries before my thirties.. seen 80, still counting.

My love languages are quality time + acts of service.

I hate small talk.

I like asking questions.

I believe in manifesting anything you truly desire.

Favourite food: 🍕 and sushi.

I’m a jeans + chuck Taylor’s kinda girl.

I don’t wear jewellery. But when he asks me, I want a black diamond ring.

I helped build a school in Africa.

I know a bit of many languages, only fluent in English.

I don’t have much dating experience.

Sucker for a man bun.

Huge advocate for active meditation.

I play the drums.

I have two tattoos.

I don’t appose cosmetic surgery.

Pet pev: people who don’t follow through!

Deal breaker: loving me more than loving yourself. (That ain’t cool).

Fav movie: legit, @thefastandfuriousfilms 👏🏽👏🏽

Until next time, be safe try to be healthy.

Big love.

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