Hey! It's me, Telina.

I guess you're wondering thou, who's this Telina chick who prefers to be called Teli and what's The Co. all about... Well, I'm honoured you landed on my page and a little curious.

Disclaimer: I'm not here to fix you, you're going to learn to do that yourself. I am here to help you by sharing the resources, tools and self-talk practices I've come up with to help me navigate through some pretty rough patches. It's a funny thing, this journey of life, love and expected to know how to be great at it all.

I grew up with parents who brainwashed me into believing that I could be anything I wanted to become. I could have everything I ever wanted and they actually really struggled saying NO to me. Then I became a young adult and craved independence but society started to lay down a different set of rules and expectations that I didn't really align with and let's be honest that can really screw with anyone's belief system.

They say, go to school, get a job, a degree, marriage, a house, throw in a few kids in the mix and then teach them how to do the same. Now, if that's you and you're loving it, awesome. You go girl (or dude)... But the rebel in me says screw those rules, I want a life on my own terms, I want to explore more of me, the world, people and if that means doing things backwards, ending up almost bankrupt, disowned by my family, gossiped about, de-friended, misunderstood, screwing up, failing forward and cringing from plenty of 'oh eff' moments, so be it! At least I can write a blog about it, lol and hope to inspire the rebel within you too.

Until next time, stay safe & be healthy.

Telina. x

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