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Updated: May 23, 2020

The Pod(cast).

This is something that I've always said 'one day I'm gunna do a podcast' I mean porqué no (Spanish for but why not) ...

Here's the thing. I started to compare myself and my lack of Pod. experience with other successful people who I listen to daily. But nah man. I can't be doing that anymore. Actually, who here can relate? have you ever wanted to do something and then talk yourself out of it because you compare yourself with people who are already at their cherry on top phase? Meh. We're human.

I am so privileged to have some of the most wild, juicy and inspiring chats with friends, lovers and The Co. Community every single day. It would be a disservice if I didn't start sharing some of the goods with y'al. Let's be honest thou, the tech's & spec's are going to be rusty AF in the beginning but I invite you to join us in the making of something great!

Until next time, stay safe & be healthy

Telina xx

#lifestyle #decisionmaking

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