How to become a pro in connecting & netwerking!

Nope! Not a typo my friends!

Networking, sounds like a such a drag to most people but let me tell you, when you add a little sass, werk it and some spice to it, omg it can become something that you're a natural at too. Here's the thing, we humans, often complicate everything. But have you ever asked yourself, why? I don't have a logic answer so I'm looking forward to reading your comment below. Personally, I prefer to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Back in the day as a teacher working with special kids I had to learn quickly how to KISS! it seems now working with adults and teaching grown ups how to 'connect' a little easier, it's less about developing new skills and reminding you how to communicate, build you belief and be able to go after anything you truly desire.

Need an example? Sure! we haven’t even hit three months yet, over on my podcast and it is already chart topping across several countries and I don’t even have professional equipment lol. The penny dropped when I started to reach out #connect and #netwerk w/ my role models who I wanted to have as guests on the show. I shared my “dialogue method” with another friend and she strongly encouraged me to start teaching everyday people, entrepreneurs and small business owners the same skills. How? KISS* The kind of dialogue that cuts out the middle man, the PA’s and press fuss to lock in guests. The same skills that got me an invite & nominee in USA Today magazine as one of 21 top podcasts to expand your mind! How wild is that.

This “dialogue method” is bulletproof when it comes to connecting and networking.

Let me ask you:

When you hear No do you hear No No?


Do you hear “not right now” ???

More on mindset development when you opt in to my FREE ONLINE LEARNING HUB.

Until we connect, stay safe and try to be healthy.

Big love. Telina.

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