How to invest & compound results in two steps!



I recently spoke on our podcast about the value of investing in yourself and someone else to help you. People think that “coaches, mentors, psychologist and consultants” don’t have help because they’re paid to help. I used to think I could change the world and make a difference on a big scale all by myself. Truth is, I became tired, burnt out and capped trying to do it all myself. I felt like a failure and embarrassed to keep fronting as a “coach” when I wasn’t showing up for, even myself

The biggest shifts in becoming more accomplished in personal & business results have been when i’ve invested into someone helping me. Someone to hold me accountable. State my flaws and work with my strengths. Someone who hears what I don’t say, and sees what I don’t do. Sounds crazy, I know! When I shifted from educator to coaching in the lifestyle space I built up a huge team & then lost it all within less than a year. After getting a grip, I decided to invest in a coach and we achieved more financially in 8 weeks than I did in my first year as a former teacher

Here's how to start investing:

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Until I connect with you, be safe & try to be healthy.

Big love Telina xx

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