But first, we need to BUST THE MYTHS.

Myth 1: Networking means you only want something from someone/sell/favour etc

- By definition it means developing relationships, built up by common interests, mutual respect & transactional value.

Myth 2: Networking is for extroverts

- Everyone needs and can build a network (aka community), in-fact introverts are great at it, if not better. They’re great listeners, disciplined and are genuinely curious in conversation.

Myth 3: Networking requires giving back something big in return

- Maybe you’ve said “I don’t want to waste their time, they’re busy”... But let me tell you something! All you need is more self belief and confidence in yourself, you have more to offer than you think.

Myth 4: Networking isn’t needed, your experience/ bio/ accomplishments is good enough

- Sure if you look good on paper, some people are impressed by that. reality is we live in a “who do you know” world. Plenty of people might want to help you accomplish more in personal & business goals. But they can’t help you if they don’t know how you are, your story, and what you’re working towards. And 💯 they can’t help if you don’t ask.

Alrighty MYTH BUSTERS, did I help you think a little different about networking?? If so, my challenge for you is: instead of thinking it’s too hard, choose a small step to action (set up a date w/ your #bumble match, have coffee with a potential business partner, or even write a list of people you see as role models & inbox them saying how grateful you are - and start networking today.

And if you’re loving these tips and want more; request to join my FREE ONLINE LEARNING HUB

Until next time, stay safe and try to be more healthy.

Big love. Telina. xx

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