I wouldn't be here today if the worst thing in my life never happened...

People always told me, I'm great at connecting, talking and should one day do a podcast. I brushed it off because I was selfish and only wanted to engage in conversations intimately. However, since being forced into recovery from a very unexpected incident and then navigating through serious shifts cravings for community and economic changes during Covid-19 quarantine. I decided to just do it. Within a month I went from Googling how to build a website to birthing The Co & Teli and The Paper Planes Podcast. The whole intention was and always will be about creating a community of conscious role models. Why? because throughout my healing journey, I relied heavily on paid professional help, my inner circle and my family through hours of talk therapy. Some of the most revealing conversations and 'uh ha' moments as I started to piece together why I ended up as someone else's rehab.

I prefer to leave the gory details for my book, which is more like sharing my daily journal entries with you while revealing a very confronting story leading up to the day I almost died. Until then I choose to focus on sharing the way I'm processing the trauma, the tools and resources that have influenced my decisions in moving forward and clarity in birthing this platform. During quarantine, I started to learn about the increase of mental health issues and also domestic violence as a result of economic shifts and couples forced to social isolate. This trigged me into wanting to have and share dialogue with people who are open to talking about 'how hitting rock bottom can become one of the richest experiences in your life' . It's not about me, but I have to admit, just in the first month since creating this community, has been incredibly insightful and I'm grateful to be alive and in a time like now. I haven't felt this called into purpose for a long time, creative AF and super clear on what I vision for my self over the next decade.

Until next time, be safe, try to be healthy. x


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