Imagine if you always listened to the 'no sayers'?

'Life will change when you decide to focus on what you truly desire and say NO to everything else'

I remember when I first rescued my handsome fur baby boy Machi , people would say;

Now you can’t travel.

You have a huge responsibility.

Your life will change for ever.

Well here’s to the no sayers and people who maybe think its impossible until it’s done.

✈️Tadaahhh, we travel together.

🐕Yes, he is a huge responsibility and I choose to put him before anyone/anything else. Because I can.

🧡Yes. My lifestyle has changed, and I like it.

If we always listen to the “no sayers” and believe the people who don’t realise what we’re truly capable of.. where’s the space to grow, fail, adapt, pivot and figure sh*^ out along the way??

Call it negative motivation if you will, but it keeps me moving forward towards accomplishing more personal + business goals.

Until next time, stay safe, be healthy I'll connect with you soon.

Big love. Telina. xx

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