So you think you've tried everything! But have you really?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

You've reached that point in your business, love life, personal & family situations and it's like banging your head against a brick wall? You've convinced yourself that you've tried everything... But have you really?

cos here's the thing, as a type A stubborn, pushy, get what she wants kinda of girl, I can tell you right now if it's important to you, you're always going to find a way and if not, you'll come up with excuses. Tough love? yeah absolutely, but think about it. I want you to think about a time when you felt 'oh daang! this is bad, like really bad and how do I get out of it'..

Now sit with that for a second... we're so programmed to jump to a solution, I am still recovering and rebuilding from that 'need to fix it right now' mentality but over time and shifting through some of the toughest decisions in my life, I'm learning (yeah it's a process) to ask my self 'how the eff did I get here'. I've noticed that when I sit. reflect. dig up patterns in the problem I've created for myself, it's a very different experience. And yeah, not gonna lie, taking on a different way of thinking, one that is newly learned and challenges how you've been taught to 'think' for most of your life is uncomfortable! It stabs the ego right in the guts and takes a while to lean into forgiveness and old stories that no longer serve our biggest dreams.

My mission is help a million people or more be inspired to think differently about hitting rock bottom and lean on our community of conscious role models for support, inspiration and tangible resources to try and keep trying until you break through. I'm not here to say "change your life in 5 steps" or there's one way to mastering metacognition (that's the scientific word for: thinking about your own thinking) because there's many ways. Each week I will speak with a guest or share a personal experience on the Paper Planes Podcast and discuss ways to turn crisis and trauma into fuel for accomplishing more in business and personal goals.

Until next time, stay safe & be healthy.

Telina. xx

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