So you think you (can't) connect!

A lot of what I do as a networking and connecting expert is to do the 'awks stuff' for you. But what really rocks my world is being able to teach and guide you towards a level of unshakable belief that you can create your own genuine connections and keep creating them.

You've herd of online-dating? have you tried it? love it? loth it? send out a few texts and hear nada but the annoying sound of crickets in the background? yep. I tots understand! Here's how to CONNECT & MATCH authentically in less than 4 steps.

I’ll speak in terms of the woman-driven #bumble and [our] matchmaking needs...

On the contrary of popular belief, not everyone is down for a quickie! FACT! #bumble even has an entire platform dedicated to networking & business, how cool is that! Statistics indicate that more than 87% of couples & business partners these days swipe and match accordingly.

So if you’re looking for a quick fix, 𝐊𝐞𝐞𝐩 swiping this blog read isn't for you. If you’re open to developing long term skills in CONNECTING & seal the deal then here’s how we’ll make it happen in 4 easy steps:

1️⃣ FYI: Who ever asks the questions, leads the conversation. Get curious with the who/what/when type of convo starters.

2️⃣ Find a common ground, something you’re comfortable talking about.

3️⃣ Be interested not interesting! As much as people claim to want to know about you, they really want to talk about themselves. So play along.

Ask yourself, “am I vibe’n? are the first 3 steps flowing?” If YES then proceed to seal the deal w/ the final step. If NO, don’t beat yourself up. Keep exploring your options. We’re not supposed to be the right fit for everyone. Let that sink in

4️⃣ Set the date/appointment to meet & make it happen.

Curious about what happens next? Request to join my FREE ONLINE LEARNING HUB over at FB where I'm joined by industry experts and together we're teaching you the 'tricks of the trade'.

Until we connect, stay safe & try to be healthy.

Big love. Telina xx.

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