At least in my world, and that I'm willing to admit. Are you?



Disclaimer: I speak purely from personal experience & invite your to get curious! Ever felt either 1️⃣ or 2️⃣? And wanted to run away? Did you run? Physically? Or even emotionally checked out? Some hide behind drugs, alcohol, sex, ego, fitness or becoming job obsessed. However, I disguised mine with living a “dream life” in Mexico.

Truthfully, 5 years ago when I bought a one way ticket to Mexico, I was running away from social expectations, my partner at the time who wanted kids & the marriage, my dream career, my parent’s divorce and feeling like I was settling w/out feeling settled at all.

When I first arrive to Mexico I was on a mission to create a sense of community. Find my people. Young entrepreneurs, diverse styles, and role models I could learn from. I also started surrounding myself with amigos who are well into “holistic lifestyle”, a bunch of weirdos who have become my biggest support system, my teachers and the catalysis for enabling me to step into a state of clarity, creativity and certainty about who I am.

It’s satisfying, on a cellular level to finally understand the difference between “running from” and “running to”. For a long time, I resented the idea of moving back to a big city, but after spending half a decade in a small beach town it’s time to speed life up a little more. I’ll be dusting off my sandy feet for stomping the city’s grounds and continue my role in creating a community of conscious role models

Interested in hearing more about “Her story, not mine” Download @thecoandteli THE PAPER PLANES PODCAST I speak up about my experience and what the next chapter could look like.

Until we connect again, be safe & try to be healthy.

Big love. Telina.

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