As humans, we typically search for one of two things when making connections for personal or business goals.



Have you ever asked yourself what’s more important, right now? For me, I went through a stage when I confused “support” with a seriously toxic dose of co-dependency in friends & lovers. Once I started to learn the difference I FOCUSED on quickly shifted gears to what’s more aligned and valuable at this point in my life.

INSPIRATION // I crave people and experiences that inspire me. I made a DECISION to surround myself by people who are smarter than me, more experienced than me and open to learning more about self, each other, life etc w/me. Very quickly my [world] started to shift in a direction that felt more aligned, more purposeful and the most exciting + creative I’ve felt in a long time.

Wanna feel the shift?

Decide what you want 1️⃣or 2️⃣?

FOCUS on your goals!

DECIDE to take action!

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Until we connect, be safe & try to be healthy.

Big love. Telina xx.

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