What no one will tell you but you need to hear about...

Updated: May 21, 2020

Mexico always sounded like a great place to call home. To be honest, it was well embedded in my ten year vision. I'd visited the country many times and thought of it as a place so foreign from what I knew. Literally on the other side of the world.

I ended up on the west coast in a little big beach town, Puerto Vallarta. It took this view from my condo to see the mountains meet the ocean, I knew this is home, at least until I figure out my next big step in life. What no one will tell you but you need to hear about is ditching your career, your relationship and everything else to create this fantasy dream lifestyle would come at a cost!

The novelty of living in a vibrant beach town of Mexico started to shift. I volunteered at the children's shelter, helped rescue dogs but I still felt empty, lost and incomplete inside. Until I met this woman who spoke a lot about inner-work and language like 'shadow work'. I had zero idea what she was talking about, but I was intrigued and curious yet scared and very resistant.

My journey into discovering more about myself was far from Eat Pray Love. It was messy, confusing and at times intensely overwhelming to identify and connect with things like ego and self-sabotage. I figured, my entire life up until this point, was spent running away and dodging the bullets of unconscious behaviour patterns around trauma, emotions, suppressed feelings, regrets, grief and lack of forgiveness.

As much as it's scary AF opening up to you about some personal stuff that I haven't ever really spoken about. It's important to me as a role model in the 'self-help' space to come clean and let me tell you. It's a huge weight lifted the expectation of having it all together, being perfect, is BS! What's perfect is that you're here with me and we're figuring this out together. Cheers to sharing this journey in unpacking the truths, acknowledging self worth, seeking help from people who are leading the way and authentically showing up. Until next time, stay safe, be healthy.

Telina. x

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