You’ve probably noticed in my writing that I’m exploring ways to redefine my “job” as a lifestyle consultant. But just incase you’re new to my grid let me share my journey w/you.

2015 I quit teaching, packed a bag and ran away to Mexico

2016/17 I partnered w/ a network marking company & matched my teaching salary pretty quick.

2018/2019 I became emotionally & {almost} financially bankrupt. Fell into a very toxic & short lived relationship, which almost killed me. Literally.

2020 I was given a second chance at life. I gained perspective and a sense of purpose again. I wanted to evolve from coaching in the wellness space and explore teaching people how to create #connections & #network with ease.

And then Covid-19 happened. The world shut down. Schools closed and educators were forced to teach from home. Some loved it. Most loathed it. But this piqued my interest & my brain downloaded THE CLEAREST IDEA!

As a former teacher turn lifestyle junkie, I’m still passionate AF about making a difference & educating others. I just needed to find a way that allowed me to be location free.

In the future (as early as mañana) I see my fellow educators building profitable online personal brands and teaching to their own curriculum, completely location free, because #YOLO.

My mission is to help a million educators create online businesses that positively make a difference, and free them from feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid.

If you’re a teacher & open to checking out what I’m cooking up, head over to @thecoandteli . I’m not saying quit teaching [unless you’re tired of feeling undervalued and underpaid]. I’m saying, check out what you can do to create an instant online side hustle by creating your own teaching model & profitable materials


Request to join my FREE LEARNING HUB on FB. This is in the early (community building phase) I’d love some of y’al in there to help w/bringing it to life 😉

Until we connect, stay safe & be healthy.

Big Love, Telina

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