YOU ARE THE GURU! But you already knew that!

Keep it simple, don’t complicate it 🧡

It’s funny how many people over think the simplicity in connecting with someone. Sure, you can pay me to help mentor you through my 3 step system to nailing that first pitch and networking... but for real, save this post. Screen shot it. Do what ever it takes to remind yourself, YOU GOT THIS!!!

Pocket cues:

1. Keep it real.

2. Who do you know, who do they know?

3. Just be yourself.

Disclaimer: okay, if you have a potty mouth {yo también!} lol maybe tone that down a little when connecting with a prospective client, potential biz partner, and even a first date. But always come from a place of being you.

If you’re curious to learn more about simple scripts I teach my clients, request to join our FB community group. All the goods are shared there!

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