What my people say

"Telina is one of those people that just shines bright in every room she’s in. What I love about being around her is her no BS attitude, She says what she means and means what she says. Telina personally showed me what it means to be an exceptional human being, when she brought together a group of people that didn’t know each other. We all shared a similar passion and she took the time to help and educate the group just because she knew she could have a lasting impact on us and she genuinely enjoys helping!"

Arran Lake - Network Marketer

London, UK

Teli is one of the most fierce, determined, loyal and honest people that I've worked with. She leads with the heart and her no BS approach means she only gives her absolute best and expects nothing less in return. It's thanks to her belief in me that I've been able to build my own successful online business from home with three kids and another on the way.

Fono Reid - Ecommerce Business Coach

Sydney, Australia

"Telina has helped me grow in many ways as a person and my job role. We talk about love, education, travel, business and health. She always makes me feel proud of who I am becoming and forces me to go out of my comfort zone".

Nani Ochoa - Executive Assistant

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"We started out as work partners & quickly turned into a genuine friendship. From chatting about our daily trials and tribulations to the controversial topics like spirituality and life itself. I feel as though she's always to having very open and honest conversations. I admire her unapologetic confidence, unending need to help those around her, sense of community she builds everywhere she goes, and her pure joie de vivre. She has been such an uplifting presence in my life and am lucky to have her on my side".

Mary Grandjambe - Business Manager

Whistler, Canada

I started working with Telina almost a year ago and it feels like I have known her since ever.
She is the type of person who is always willing to help others no matter what. I think the best way to describe her is by saying “if you’re not going for everything what are you going for “ that’s exactly how I see her. I am so happy and grateful to have such an amazing and strong woman in my life with a genuine and pure soul".

Flor Lowenstein - Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor

Whistler, Canada

"We've owned a successful tour company in Puerto Vallarta for eight years now. It's thanks to Telina's contribution with her continuous mentoring and coaching to our employees that we were able to reach new goals". 

Gonzalo & Brett - Estigo Tours

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Telina has a magical f*king way to look into the mind and hearts of people. She gets a real kick out of making the best parts of us rise the surface, often as a suprise. She loves a challenge, and she has a very sweet way of inducing you to speak about your fears and deal with them. I realise that she has helped me become an upgraded version of me, not by inviting change but helping me see, accept and love myself for who i've always been" 

Mali Negrete - Pilates Instructor 

Tequisquiapan, Mexico

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