How much longer are you going to watch others as passionate about making a difference in the world, creating their legacy, while you’re feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid?


It’s really not a question of ‘can I’ but instead ‘when will I’?

It’s time my fellow educators, not to ditch teaching but create big impact and turn your purpose into uncapped profit. 

In the future (as early as mañana) I see ya'l building profitable online personal brands and contributing completely location free, because #YOLO. 


My mission is to help a million educators create online businesses that create impact, and free them from feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid.  

 How we can Co.Lab!

...And get sh*t done!

The Co. & Teli Community

If you’re like me and crave a 'community' of solopreneurs/entrepreneurs who wanna move like you, towards a location free lifestyle.


This is the hub for you! Not only do I offer free advice and trainings, I also bring in other guest experts and you have the opportunity to promote, Co.Lab, and create more brilliance with one another. I’ll see you in there!

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

  • Fast track your progress in The Co.Lab Program

  • Master your Mindset

  • Get intimate (in your biz not in the bedroom)

 But first... Join me on a FREE Mentoring Call to explore: 

  1. Your vision for your online teaching model

  2. Immediate next steps.

  3. If a 1:1 mentoring relationship between you and The Co & Teli community is the right fit.

In collaboration and contribution, we will make a difference!

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