1:1 (aka it's just you and me bb) Mentoring for mindset & biz growth

So I hear you wanna create an extra income? You have a brilliant idea, or few. Tired of watching other teachers do it. But you're not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed AF and have already exhausted all those freebies readily available online and still no where....


Cue the... "OMG how does she know how I feel?"

I've been there. I've felt the burn out and undervalued and underpaid as a teacher and dreaming about another way to create impact and obvy, more money. Don't waste time, like I did trying to figure out this profitable side-hustle thing all by yourself. 

Your mentoring plan is personalised to ensure we work towards what you need right now! Heads up thou, you better be wearing your joggers (Australian for tennis shoes) because we're running straight for your ideal lifestyle. 

How we get down one on one


Get clear on your offer & services 

We're explore your skills & knowledge to develop the perfect (for you) offer or service that is going to 1. Be something you get excited about and 2. Create impact beyond the classroom and help solve a problem in this crazy world. 


We'll discover who your people are!

The market(s) might be 'saturated' but BB, there's only one version of you and that's pretty epic! We'll work together and narrow down the kinda people you wanna help.


Plug into  your socials & learn to convert! 

News flash, more people are connecting online! You'll learn how to turn your socials into a personal brand that impacts, creates community and converts. 


Systemise & Strategise 

"Tell me you're a teacher... without telling me you're a teacher" 

You're constantly strategising in the classroom yet so many newbies to entrepreneurship skip that, when it comes to building an online personal brand. No need to reinvent the wheel here, I gotchu! By exploring various systems (from my personal favs) + your own skills, we'll develop a personalised strategy to ensure you reach your goals. 

So what's included?

I know investing into your business (that's going to give you that ideal lifestyle) is scary no matter if you're just starting or been in it for a hot minute. But you you know what's worse... Trying to figure it out on your own. It's hard man. And to be honest, boring! 

Give us 6 months (or less) to help you find your business idea, work on mindset & attract ideal clients  

bi-Weekly High Level Mentoring calls

Buckle up, this is where the magic happens. We break out into mini-masterminds bi-weekly calls to establish how to turn your skills into extra money online! Grab ya tea and your fur babies and let's get to it!

Unlimited watsapp/voxer feedback

This is where we take the strategies and your breakthroughs from our calls and create tangible action. I'm a sucker for feedback and breathe that into my clients too. How else do we learn!

the content tool kit

FULL ACCESS is only available to PIF clients! You'd wanna go all in because this is probs, the missing piece to your success in building a personal brand in the online space. The content tool kit includes: Canva templates, a entire year's worth of copy/captions for your socials as well as key content pillars to make sure your message - reaches your people. 

24/7 access to our private support group

Y'al know community is what I'm all about. Our small yet mighty Facebook group is where the magic continues. You instantly get access to your personal cheer squad and a safe space to share your wins, struggles and plug your business too. 

Guest on the podcast

Did you know The Paper Planes Podcast was voted as one of the top 21 shows in 2021. That means a lot of people are listening and waiting to hear about your journey in turning your skills into extra cash. How cool is that? I give you full rights to brag and plug the life out of your business on the show.. It's kinda the point!

Total value of your investment...

$4,500 usd /PIF 

Oh you want options? a group program perhaps? Sweet as, I gotchu! A payment plan is also available, of course. 

Still on the fence and not sure if you're worth the investment? Or if working with a mentor is even your thing? That's cool. I get it! I've been there! felt that before! Book a FREE Mentoring call and in under 45minutes you'll gain more clarity and maybe even find a business idea too.

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